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41 Scholarships Awarded to Homecare Workers

Cooperative homecare workers from Washington state to Washington, DC were awarded scholarships to the 4th Annual National Homecare Cooperative Conference, held November 19-22, 2019 in Dulles, VA. Scholarship recipients attend the full conference and receive stipends for travel and lodging. 

Cooperatives and organizing groups receiving scholarships include:  Everyday Details

  • Capital Homecare Cooperative, Olympia, WA

  • Circle of Life Caregiver Cooperative, Bellingham, WA

  • Cooperative Care, Wautoma, WI

  • Cooperative Homecare Associates, Bronx, NY

  • Co-op Homecare, Davis, CA 

  • Domesticas Unidas, San Antonia, TX

  • Everyday Details, Asheville, NC

  • Heart is Home, Bernalillo, NM

  • Iona/DC Coalition on Long Term Care, Washington, DC

  • Life Keys LLC, Denver, CO

  • Northwest Cooperative Development Center, Port Angeles, WA

  • Okanogan Home-Care Co-op, Twispwa, WA

  • Peninsula Homecare Cooperative, Port Townsend, WA

  • Pillipino Workers Center (Courage LLC), Los Angeles, CA

  • Ridgeline Homecare Cooperative, Port Angeles, WA

  • Soaring Independent Cooperative, Madison, WI

"The  Conference has grown into a must attended event for homecare cooperative boards and leadership," said Leslie Mead, CDF Executive Director. " Once again the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation is generously allowing the group to use its beautiful conference center.  CFC's donation of space and day time meals enables us to offer scholarships for caregivers to attend this event. In addition CoBank, Capital Impact Partners, NCB and CDF contribute sponsorships to support the event. "

The National Homecare Cooperative Conference is an annual event that welcomes homecare workers from across the country to discuss marketing, communications, human resources, pay, and other developments within the industry. The Conference also provides participants with the opportunity to learn about the cooperative model and how it can be beneficial to the homecare industry.

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