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2019 National Home Care Cooperative Conference

Home Care worker cooperative members and developers from across the country gathered on November 19-22 in Dulles, VA at the fourth Annual National Home Care Cooperative Conference. The conference was organized by the Cooperative Development Foundation and hosted at the headquarters of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation. 

Highlights of the conference included:

  • Two specialized pre-conference programs:

    • Training for cooperative managers and board members on how to improve board and management relations, led by Deborah Craig, Cooperative Development Specialist, Northwest Cooperative Development Center​

    • An interactive discussion of strategies to improve start-up success and scale development. 

  • Policy advocacy training for co-ops and developers

  • Marketing basics and breakouts 

  • Recruitment tips

  • Methods for building a healthy member culture

  • Member newsletter toolkit



Developer Track:

Strategies for Developing and Scaling Home Care Co-ops


Accelerating Start-ups

      Presented By: Margaret Lund, Principal, Co-Opera Co.

Incubating Home Care Cooperative Development

      Presented By: Diane Gasaway, Executive Director, Northwest

      Cooperative Development Center; Jamie Doung, Cooperative

      Specialist, California Center for Cooperative Development; Maria

      Jimenez, Cooperative Facilitator, California Center for Cooperative


Session handout: Build and Recruit Cooperative Development Model


Working With Partners

      Presented By: Margaret Bau, Cooperative Development Specialist,


Rapid Scale Through Conversions and Acquisitions

      Presented By: David Hammer, Executive Director, The ICA Group

Co-op Track:

Enhancing Board/Management Relations

Presented By: Deborah Craig, Cooperative Development Specialist, Northwest Cooperative Development Center

Afternoon Session:

Policy Advocacy Training for Co-ops and Developers

Influencers on Co-op Policy

      Presented By: Tim Palmer, Consultant

Home Care Legislative Agenda

      Presented By: Allison Cook, New York Policy Manager, PHI; Terrell 

      Cannon, Director of Training and Workforce, Home Care Associates

Making Your Voice Heard

      Presented By: Yvette Beaty, Home Care Associates; Rebecca

      Koehler, Board Chair, Cooperative Care

Talking to Your Legislators

      Kate LaTour, Government Relations Manager, NCBA CLUSA

Crafting  Your Message


Quantifying the "Co-op Difference" in Home Care: 2019 Home Care Benchmarking Survey Results

Presented By: Katrina Kazda, Program Director, The ICA Group

Magnetic Recruitment: Stop Chasing and Start Attracting Caregivers in 3 Easy Steps

Presented By: Leigh Davis, Principal, Davis & Delany

Training Members and Community Ambassadors

Presented By: Linda DeJesus, Community Engagement Coordinator, Home Care Associates and Juan Carlos Lopez, Executive Associate, Home Care Associates

Marketing Basics: Making the Co-op Value Proposition Work for You

Presented by: Jannae Knospe and Arianne Graham, Co-Founders, Samara Collective

Session handout: The Four Basic Design Principles

Marketing They Can Feel: The Power of Storytelling to Stand Out, Build Trust, and Get More Clients

Presented By: Shavon Prophet, Outreach Manager, The ICA Group

Track 1 - Taking Action: Interactive Marketing Plan Workshop

Presented by: Jannae Knospe and Arianne Graham, Co-Founders, Samara Collective

Track 2 - Brand Story Bootcamp

Presented By: Shavon Prophet, Outreach Manager, The ICA Group

Session handout: Marketing Workshop

Understanding Medicaid Home Care

Presented By: Stephen Campbell, Director of Policy, PHI

Key Financial and Operational Considerations

Presented By: Nic Miragliuolo, Senior Business Consultant, The ICA Group


From Field Worker to Business Owner: Empowering Caregivers to Lead

Presented By: Nora Edge, Administrator, Capital Homecare Cooperative

Successfully Navigating Leadership Transitions: An Interview with Karen Kulp and Tatia Cooper

Facilitated By: David Hammer, The ICA Group

Tatia Cooper, President & CEO, Home Care Associates of Philadelphia; Karen Kulp, Former President & CEO, Home Care Associates of Philadelphia

Track 1 - Building Member Culture Through Events & Celebration

Presented By: Denise Hernandez, Director of Operations, Cooperative Home Care Associates & Juan Carlos Lopez, Executive Assistant, Cooperative Home Care Associates 

Track 2 - Member Communications: The Co-op Newsletter

Presented By: Mary Byrne, Communications Consultant

      Additional resources from this presentation may be found under

     "Resources" on the Home Care tab

Track 1 - Member Orientation: The Front Line in Member Engagement

Presented By: Debra Schultz, Financial Administrator/Board, Cooperative Care

Track 2 - Metrics Dashboards for Board and Member Engagement

Presented By: Margaret Lund, Principal, Co-Opera Co.

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