Programs & Events

The Co-op 5K is a fun, family-friendly event that cooperators from all sectors enjoy! It serves as a major fundraiser for the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF). Monies raised through the event go towards CDF's work to support and grow cooperative causes nationwide.

The Cooperative Hall of Fame, first held in the 1970s, is an annual event held by the Cooperative Development Foundation. The Hall of Fame honors cooperative heroes who have left an indelible mark on the cooperative community. 

The Homecare Cooperative Initiative supports homecare cooperative development and enhances opportunities for member-owners. CDF hosts the Homecare Cooperative Conference annually each fall in Dulles, VA. 

The Cooperative Issues Forum is a panel held in conjunction with the Cooperative Hall of Fame each year. The Issues Forum discusses topics relevant to the cooperative community, and also involves a panel discussion of that year's Cooperative Hall of Fame inductees. 

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