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Your Feet Need Co-op Socks

Share your co-op pride, spruce up your wardrobe, and celebrate CDF's 75th Anniversary with a pair of co-op socks. The socks are decorated with the Twin Pines logo and available in teal and purple or black and grey. A donation of $25 to CDF during 2020 will get you a pair.

"CDF is an indispensable resource to community leaders around the country who are strengthening and building local commitment to cooperative principles and values," Martin Lowery, retired executive vice president, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

Since its inception, CDF has been a champion of cooperatives. Through scholarships, education opportunities, and grants received from CDF, cooperatives have had the opportunity to be successful, sustainable, and impactful to their communities. Visit the CDF website to learn more about the work the foundation's work and its past achievements.  

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