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The Cooperative Foundation Donates Assets to Create CDF Cooperative Education Fund

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC (September 5, 2018) - The Cooperative Foundation Board of Directors voted to dissolve the organization and donate its assets to the Cooperative Development Foundation to establish the Cooperative Education Fund.

The newly formed fund will continue The Cooperative Foundation’s mission to expand and enhance cooperatives through research, teaching, extension, innovation and development. Through grant making the Fund will support cooperative research, sponsor cooperative education events and scholarships, and develop cooperative education materials and programs.  The fund will accept grant applications twice a year with deadlines on May 1 and October 1.

Formed by cooperative leaders in 1945, The Cooperative Foundation received much of its financial assets through the vision and generosity of St. Paul architect Thomas Ellerbe Sr. and his family. Over the years many cooperative leaders served on The Cooperative Foundation’s board of directors including 17 members of the Cooperative Hall of Fame.

Grants from The Cooperative Foundation played an important role the formation of such organizations as Group Health Association, the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, the North American Students of Cooperation and the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

“CDF is honored to carry on the legacy of The Cooperative Foundation,” said CDF Board Chair Richard LaRochelle. “The Cooperative Foundation and CDF have worked closely for many years.  This change will enhance the impact of cooperative education grantmaking and decrease administrative costs.”

For more information on the CDF Education Fund click here.  The deadline for the Fall Cooperative Education Fund Grants is October 1.


About the Cooperative Development Foundation

The Cooperative Development Foundation promotes community economic and social development through cooperatives. CDF is a thought leader in the use of cooperatives to create resilient communities, including the housing and care needs of seniors. Through its funds, fiscal sponsorships, and fundraising, CDF provides grants and loans that foster cooperative development domestically and abroad. CDF's Cooperative Hall of Fame recognizes the accomplishments of outstanding cooperative leaders at the National Press Club in Washington, DC each year. (


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