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Thank You to Our Winter Extern

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

A college field trip to the Hanover Food Co-op  ended in Dartmouth College sophomore Sydney Towle spending three weeks of her winter break working as an extern with CDF and NCBA CLUSA. CDF participated in a school sponsored externship program designed to expose students to professional development opportunities. Towle's trip to the Hanover cooperative sparked her interest in learning more about cooperatives and she applied for the CDF position.  

“When I began working with CDF and NCBA, I knew nothing about their work beyond their involvement with co-op grocery stores. Within just one day, I began to realize how impactful and extensive the cooperative mission really is" said Towle. "The commitment to community growth and development, both domestically and abroad, has shaped me in ways that I never could have anticipated. However, it is the passion and devotion of the people that I have met while working here that has inspired me the most, and is something I will never forget.” 

While at CDF, Towle researched data points to illustrate the impact of cooperatives in creating healthy, equitable and sustainable communities.  Her work will be incorporated in several publications developed under a grant to CDF from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).  She also assisted NCBA CLUSA's Government Relations Manager Kate LaTour in developing materials for cooperatives and members to use to encourage Congressional representation on the Cooperative Caucus.

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