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New Curriculum and Training for Advancing Cooperatives in Indian Country

The Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) is partnering with the Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF) to create a curriculum and training to empower Tribes and individual members with the education and resources to start cooperatives or improve existing cooperatives in Indian Country. The training is also available to entities that want to expand their knowledge of working with Tribal cooperatives and communities.

In August of 2021, CDF, NAAF, and NCBA CLUSA hosted a four-day webinar series on enhancing Native American food economies through cooperatives. This newly developed curriculum and training is a continuation of that initial framework discussion on cooperative development. Tribes are uniquely suited for a cooperative business model, as they are often structured in villages and communities.

“Advancing cooperatives in Indian Country could provide opportunities in expanded economic development and lending resources,” says Toni Stanger-McLaughlin, CEO of the Native American Agriculture Fund. “Tribal producers, governments, and community members need to be at the forefront of decision making in how cooperative business models can best benefit and address gaps in market engagement for their communities.”

“CDF is honored to continue our work with NAAF to enhance opportunities for community-led cooperative ecosystems in Native communities,” said Mary Griffin, Executive Director of the Cooperative Development Foundation.

Applications are now open to participate in providing feedback on the draft cooperative developer curriculum and training until August 5.

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