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Grant Spotlight: Latinx Co-op Map

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

The University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, in collaboration with Collective Courage author Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, received a grant from CDF's Cooperative Education Fund to survey and map Latinx co-ops in the U.S. So far, over 25 co-ops have completed surveys, thanks in large part to the support of co-op networks and developers who have promoted participation in the project. Based on preliminary results, it is clear that Latinx co-ops span a range of urban and rural places throughout the U.S., as well as industries and membership bases.

The project is part of a broader Latinx Cooperative Research undertaking to recognize and better understand the collective role of Latinx co-ops in the U.S. The interactive map can be used for co-ops to further connect and cooperate with one another. It will be available to Latinx survey participants and those who go through a screening process. The aggregated map will give an overall sense of impact, and can assist in sharing the co-op model and bolstering representation. Once the project is completed at the end of this month, further research may include in-depth case studies of specific Latinx co-op histories, or another related topic.

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