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Grant Highlight: Cooperative Care Orientation

Cooperative Care, a 40 member worker-owned home care cooperative serving clients in and around rural Waushara County, WI, received a Cooperative Education Fund grant to develop a new member orientation program. The program was designed to train new members about the cooperative's values and governance and help them understand their rights and responsibilities. Debra Schultz, Finance Coordinator, Cooperative Care provided the following update on the project: 

"Over the last year Cooperative Care really focused on cultivating our culture and ownership. We did things such as create a space where caregivers can come into the office and have a cup of coffee, grab a snack, or just take a break between clients. We also started holding Quarterly Membership Meetings with everyone gathered together, to have a meal and receive important company updates. It was during this time that we thought we could really use a membership orientation. After all, what does it mean to be a member/owner of a co-op? 

Our membership committee worked diligently throughout the year in development of our new Member Orientation Training Program. The grant we received from CDF helped to offset the cost of the training as well as the development of the materials for the training. In September, at our Quarterly Meeting, we held the first training session. It was interactive and really got everyone thinking about their ownership roles in the company. We will also be presenting this information to the attendees at this year's Home Care Cooperative Conference in Dulles, VA.

Without the grant assistance we would not have been able to put this much needed and important training together and present it to our membership."

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