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Cooperators Are Gearing Up for the Co-op 5k

Co-op 5k teams are lacing up their sneakers and hitting the road in preparation for the Co-op 5K on October 5 at Hains Point. Leading the pack in numbers of runner this year is Team CFC, comprised of employees of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation and their families and friends. 

Other teams participating in the event are:

  • ACDI/VOCA: Globetrotters

  • Capital Impact Partners

  • CoBank: Growing Rural America

  • CooperationWorks!

  • DCCU: Between Walking and A Hard Pace

  • Fredericksburg Food Co-op 

  • NCBA CLUSA: Non-Stop Co-ops

  • NCB: Sole Shakers

  • NRECA: The Electric Lights 

  • Team CFC

The Co-op 5k is your once a year chance to indulge in some free co-op snacks, win one of our awesome prizes, and celebrate co-ops with your community. Make sure you don't miss out by registering today! 

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