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CDF Board Member Larry Blanchard marks 60 years of service

For the past 60 years, "people helping people" has been the mantra of CDF Board Member and credit union stalwart Larry Blanchard. An icon within the credit union movement, Larry began his career as a clerk for the Newport News Ship Building and Dry Dock Company Employees Credit Union when he was 17. Since then, he has worked for every major national credit union organization until his retirement in 2008 from CUNA Mutual Group as Senior Vice President of Corporate and Legislative Affairs.

During his service as National Coordinator and Executive Committee Chair of the Credit Union Campaign for Consumer Choice in 1996, he led credit unions, cooperatives and consumer and labor organizations in getting H.R. 1151 passed into law protecting the rights of consumers to choose their financial institutions.

A valued mentor to countless credit union employees and volunteers, Larry has received numerous awards including the Herb Wegner Memorial Award, the Ester Peterson Consumer Service Award and induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame.

Even in his retirement, Larry serves as a trusted Senior Advisor and Consultant at CUNA Mutual Group and as a long time board member of the Cooperative Development Foundation. Congratulations Larry Blanchard on 60 years of service to the cooperative community.

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