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Are You Ready for Co-op Month?

October 1st marks the start of Co-op Month, a month-long celebration of co-ops and their positive impacts to communities. This year’s theme is “Co-ops: By the Community, For the Community.” 

The Co-op month website includes graphics, photos, videos, event ideas, and fun facts about co-ops. Use its resources to plan your Co-op Month campaign. 

Many cooperative events are planned for October including the Co-op IMPACT Conference in Arlington, Virginia on October 1-4 and the Co-op 5k at Hains Point in Washington, DC on October 5. Columinate is hosting Co-op Café's in Portland, OR, Madison, Wi, Greenfield, MA and Philadelphia in October, 

Wherever you are, show your co-op pride by attending a co-op event in your area. 

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