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Developer Track:

Strategies for Developing and Scaling Home Care Co-ops


Accelerating Start-ups

      Presented By: Margaret Lund, Principal, Co-Opera Co.

Incubating Home Care Cooperative Development

      Presented By: Diane Gasaway, Executive Director, Northwest

      Cooperative Development Center; Jamie Doung, Cooperative

      Specialist, California Center for Cooperative Development; Maria

      Jimenez, Cooperative Facilitator, California Center for Cooperative


Session handout: Build and Recruit Cooperative Development Model


Working With Partners

      Presented By: Margaret Bau, Cooperative Development Specialist,


Rapid Scale Through Conversions and Acquisitions

      Presented By: David Hammer, Executive Director, The ICA Group

Co-op Track:

Enhancing Board/Management Relations

Presented By: Deborah Craig, Cooperative Development Specialist, Northwest Cooperative Development Center

Afternoon Session:

Policy Advocacy Training for Co-ops and Developers

Influencers on Co-op Policy

      Presented By: Tim Palmer, Consultant

Home Care Legislative Agenda

      Presented By: Allison Cook, New York Policy Manager, PHI; Terrell 

      Cannon, Director of Training and Workforce, Home Care Associates

Making Your Voice Heard

      Presented By: Yvette Beaty, Home Care Associates; Rebecca

      Koehler, Board Chair, Cooperative Care

Talking to Your Legislators

      Kate LaTour, Government Relations Manager, NCBA CLUSA

Crafting  Your Message


Quantifying the "Co-op Difference" in Home Care: 2019 Home Care Benchmarking Survey Results

Presented By: Katrina Kazda, Program Director, The ICA Group

Magnetic Recruitment: Stop Chasing and Start Attracting Caregivers in 3 Easy Steps

Presented By: Leigh Davis, Principal, Davis & Delany

Training Members and Community Ambassadors

Presented By: Linda DeJesus, Community Engagement Coordinator, Home Care Associates and Juan Carlos Lopez, Executive Associate, Home Care Associates

Marketing Basics: Making the Co-op Value Proposition Work for You

Presented by: Jannae Knospe and Arianne Graham, Co-Founders, Samara Collective

Session handout: The Four Basic Design Principles

Marketing They Can Feel: The Power of Storytelling to Stand Out, Build Trust, and Get More Clients

Presented By: Shavon Prophet, Outreach Manager, The ICA Group

Track 1 - Taking Action: Interactive Marketing Plan Workshop

Presented by: Jannae Knospe and Arianne Graham, Co-Founders, Samara Collective

Track 2 - Brand Story Bootcamp

Presented By: Shavon Prophet, Outreach Manager, The ICA Group

Session handout: Marketing Workshop

Understanding Medicaid Home Care

Presented By: Stephen Campbell, Director of Policy, PHI

Key Financial and Operational Considerations

Presented By: Nic Miragliuolo, Senior Business Consultant, The ICA Group


From Field Worker to Business Owner: Empowering Caregivers to Lead

Presented By: Nora Edge, Administrator, Capital Homecare Cooperative

Successfully Navigating Leadership Transitions: An Interview with Karen Kulp and Tatia Cooper

Facilitated By: David Hammer, The ICA Group

Tatia Cooper, President & CEO, Home Care Associates of Philadelphia; Karen Kulp, Former President & CEO, Home Care Associates of Philadelphia

Track 1 - Building Member Culture Through Events & Celebration

Presented By: Denise Hernandez, Director of Operations, Cooperative Home Care Associates & Juan Carlos Lopez, Executive Assistant, Cooperative Home Care Associates 

Track 2 - Member Communications: The Co-op Newsletter

Presented By: Mary Byrne, Communications Consultant

      Additional resources from this presentation may be found under

     "Resources" on the Home Care tab

Track 1 - Member Orientation: The Front Line in Member Engagement

Presented By: Debra Schultz, Financial Administrator/Board, Cooperative Care

Track 2 - Metrics Dashboards for Board and Member Engagement

Presented By: Margaret Lund, Principal, Co-Opera Co.

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