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Webinar looks at role of co-ops in Native American food system development

Cooperating to Enhance Native American Food Economies, a webinar on May 24-27 from 12:00 to 2:30 pm, will look at the potential role of cooperatives in developing agriculture infrastructure and food systems in Indian Country. The program, hosted by the Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF), Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF), and National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA), will include presentations on:

  • Rebuilding Native American Food and Agriculture Infrastructure

  • Power, Reach and Potential of Cooperatives

  • Cooperatives in Food Systems: Animal Agriculture & Food Hubs

  • Cooperatives in Indian Country

  • Common Challenges in Cooperatives

  • Meeting Community Needs: Cooperatives in Action

In 2020 NAAF issued Reimagining Native Food Economies a blueprint for developing Native American agriculture that includes cooperatives, regional food hubs, and ancillary services and programs to:

  • Improve agricultural infrastructure to create resilient and thriving regional food systems serving Native populations.

  • Increase food security through diversification of choices and sources.

  • Provide economic opportunities for Native communities.

  • Increased government purchase of food produced by local, Native farmers and ranchers.

  • Address the nutritional needs of Native people through increased access to nutritious local and traditional foods.

For more information contact Leslie Mead at

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