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National Home Care Cooperative Conference goes virtual

Home care worker cooperative members and developers from across the country will gather virtually on February 22 - 25, 2021 for the 5th Annual National Home Care Cooperative Conference. The conference will run from 1:00 to 3:30pm Eastern each day.

The conference, which is free to all home care workers, developers and staff, will feature experienced technical assistance providers from The ICA Group, University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives and Northwest Cooperative Development Center; outside experts in marketing, hiring, and training; and outstanding administrators and members of home care cooperatives.

CDF will provide funds for lunch or coffee breaks during the conference for every cooperative that completes the 2020 Benchmarking Survey. This annual survey allows the home care cooperatives to assess their health and progress as a sector year to year. Survey results provide critical data to communicate to the public the impact and importance of home care cooperatives for caregivers, clients, and the home care industry at large. For example, last year the survey showed that cooperatives average a 35% turnover rate compared to the national average of 82%. All information shared in the survey is confidential and presented to the public as aggregate, unidentifiable data.

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