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Haiti Needs Our Help

The magnitude 7.2 earthquake centered in Southern Haiti destroyed lives, infrastructure and many of the institutions that support and sustain communities. UNICEF estimates that over a million Haitians have been impacted by the disaster which came on the heels of the assassination of the country's prime minister. Haitians need both immediate emergency relief as well as support for projects that create resiliency.

CDF's Disaster Recovery Fund supports cooperative projects initiated to build sustainable livelihoods after disasters. Recently the Foundation provided support for an ongoing NCBA CLUSA project involving 4,000 smallholder farmers from eight agricultural cooperatives involved in the commercialization of organic and ethical cacao, agroforestry, and regenerative agriculture. Among other objectives, the project seeks to improve farm income by updating cacao drying facilities. While this project is located on Haiti's north shore and not directly impacted by the quake's immediate devastation, it illustrates the importance of cooperatives in building resilience in Haiti. Contribute to support NCBA CLUSA’s project in Haiti here.

The following aid organizations are providing emergency relief for earth quake victims:

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