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4,000 Haitian farmers need your support

NCBA CLUSA and its partners have undertaken a new crowdfunding initiative to support the growth of an innovative cooperative effort that empowers 4,000 Haitian smallholder farmers. #4000Strong4Haiti seeks to raise capital to improve cacao drying facilities to enable farmer members of the cooperative to make a living wage from their work.

Located on Haiti's north shore, the Federation of Cacao Cooperatives of the North (FECCANO) is comprised of 4,000 smallholder farmers from eight agricultural cooperatives. The cooperatives are involved in the commercialization of organic and ethical cacao, agroforestry, and regenerative agriculture. Notably, FECCANO has been successful in producing traceable and ethical cacao and is the first Haitian enterprise to export fermented cacao.

A donation to #4000Strong4Haiti will help the cooperative build the infrastructure needed to assure that cacao farmers improve the quality and yield of their production and improve their income. 100% of your donation will support the livelihood of FECCANO's 4,000 farmers and their families. CDF serves as the fiscal sponsor of this fundraising effort.

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