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2023 Funding Opportunities Available

The Cooperative Development Foundation announces its 2023 grant and scholarship opportunities, which include updated processes and expanded programming. Through the Cooperative Development Fund and the Cooperative Education Fund, we provide grant opportunities to cooperatives, cooperative organizations, and others to help advance cooperative education and development. As part of the Cooperative Education Fund, we offer small grants to support historical research to identify and support Unsung Heroes, cooperators from historically overlooked or marginalized communities who have gone unrecognized. Through our Cooperative Leaders and Scholars (CLS) program, we provide support to help new cooperators succeed and lead. More information on these opportunities below.


The Cooperative Development Fund supports cooperative development, research, and technical assistance for cooperatives serving the needs of seniors, international cooperative development, and affordable housing.

Annual grant cycle. Concept paper due on January 16. Applicants notified within 14 days. If approved, full proposal due within 30 days of notification.

Total award amount: $50,000 - $70,000

Grants range from $25,000 - $35,000


The Cooperative Education Fund supports cooperative research, sponsors cooperative education events and scholarships, and develops cooperative education materials and programs.

Semi annual grant cycles. Applications due on May 1 and October 1. Applicants notified within 45 days of grant cycle close.

Total award amount: $75,000 - $100,000

Grants up to $10,000


The Cooperative Leaders and Scholars (CLS) program is an opportunity for employees, board members, and post-secondary students working for cooperatives and others interested in working for a cooperative or cooperative organization to participate in multi-sector programming and events and engage with co-op industry thought leaders, policymakers, and other stakeholders. CLS has been expanded to an 8 month program.

Applications due February 10. Applicants notified by March 1. Program begins on April 5.

Total awards: 18


CDF’s Cooperative Education Fund will offer small grants to individuals interested in conducting research to identify and provide documentation for nominations of individuals from historically overlooked or marginalized groups whose work and achievements in advancing cooperatives have gone unrecognized.

Annual grant cycle. Applications due on February 1 and applicants notified by February 15. If awarded, research due on August 15.

Total awards: 3

Grants up to $2,500

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