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2016 National Home Care Cooperative Conference

More than 60 members and developers from across the U.S. representing eight of the country’s nine established home care cooperatives met in Dulles, Virginia, September 12-14, 2016 for the inaugural National Home Care Cooperative Conference, organized by the Cooperative Development Foundation and hosted at the headquarters of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation.


With a strong focus on education, the conference outlined how the emerging home care cooperative sector can become employers of choice by bolstering their recruitment, retention and training strategies. Conference presenters also addressed marketing to caregivers and clients, human resources and governance and finance. And, in an industry that can often be isolating, the conference was a unique opportunity for caregivers to network and collaborate with like-minded cooperators—sharing the resources, ideas and insights the sector needs to grow.


National Home Care Cooperatives Conference
Leslie Mead, CDF


Opportunities and Challenges for Home Care Cooperatives
David Hammer, The ICA Group


Becoming the Employer of Choice: Recruitment, Retention and Training
Jodi Sturgeon, Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute 
Thomas Showalter, National Youth Employment Coalition


Managing Human Resource Issues in a Home Care Worker Cooperative
Joe Marraffino, Democracy at Work Institute


Governance and Finance
Anne Reynolds, University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives
Margaret Lund, Co-opera Co.


Conference Program


Evaluation Results



What Sets You Apart from Your Competitors: Marketing Cooperative Values

Jessica Ross, Finn Partners
Katie Franklin, Finn Partners


Guerrilla Marketing and Other Stealthy Approaches to Marketing on a Shoestring
Deborah Craig,Northwest Cooperative Development Center


Workers to Owners: Membership Education Tools
Victoria Sprong, Circle of Life Cooperative
Marketing Video)

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