Share your co-op pride, spruce up your wardrobe, and celebrate CDF's 75th Anniversary with a pair of Twin Pines socks.


A donation of $25 to CDF during 2020 will get you a pair of socks. 


“CDF is an indispensable resource to community leaders around the country who are strengthening and building local commitment to cooperative principles and values.”

-Martin Lowery, Retired Executive VP, External Affairs, NRECA

"When we promote cooperatives and the co-op model, we're cultivating leadership in our communities. There's a direct relationship between CDF's focus on cooperative leadership and healthy, successful, resilient co-ops throughout the United States and all over the world. CDF's advocacy for the mutual interests of all cooperatives make us stronger institutions - capable of accomplishing more and more for co-op members everywhere."

-Jeffrey Connor, COO, NRECA

"My donation to CDF is the perfect cooperative effort, to make a better world. My little donation on its own would do very little, but combined with those of other cooperators, it helps to move the cause of cooperative education and development forward"

-Rosemary Mahoney,

Cooperative Business Consultant

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