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Report Shares In-Depth Insights of the State of Cooperatives in California

California Cooperatives: Today’s Landscape of Worker, Housing and Childcare Cooperatives, authored by Hilary Abell, E. Kim Coontz, and Ricardo S. Nuñez through a partnership between the California Center for Cooperative Development, Project Equity, the Sustainable Economies Law Center, and the James Irvine Foundation takes a comprehensive look at the state of cooperatives in California with a focus on worker, housing, and childcare cooperatives.

The report explains the impact and background of each cooperative sector. Paired with a comprehensive list of California cooperatives, the report breaks down the ecosystem necessary for thriving cooperative organizations.

It also features insightful suggestions on how the sectors can expand in ways that serve workers, consumers, and the community. A must-read for seasoned and up-and-coming cooperators and cooperative developers aiming to understand what makes the cooperative difference.

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