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Join NCBA CLUSA in Supporting Farmers in Developing Countries

What is Farmer-To-Farmer?

Farmer-To-Farmer is a USAID funded program operated by NCBA CLUSA that sends American farmers and agribusiness professionals on two-to-four week agricultural development assignments, promoting sustainable growth and agricultural development worldwide. 

The current 2018-2023 program cycle is operating in El Salvador, Honduras, and Peru. 

What do volunteers do?

Volunteer technical assistance from American farmers, agribusinesses, cooperatives, and universities help smallholder farmers in developing countries improve productivity, access to new markets, and conserve environmental and natural resources. 

Want to get involved?

NCBA CLUSA is looking for experts in agricultural production, post-harvest handling, marketing, cooperative development, financial management, food processing, and other agricultural disciplines to fill numerous positions. If interested, please visit the NCBA CLUSA  website  to review the assignments and apply.

To learn more about the Farmer-To-Farmer program, please contact

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