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It's time to congratulate the 2020 Co-op Hall of Fame inductees

The 2020 Cooperative Hall of Fame inductees are known for the grit and tenacity needed to drive the change that improves lives and benefits communities. While COVID-19 keeps us from expressing our gratitude for their contributions in person, individuals can express their appreciation by:

Four outstanding cooperative leaders will receive the cooperative community's most prestigious honor on October 8 when they are inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. The inductees are Ben Burkett, State Coordinator, Mississippi Association of Cooperatives; Everett M. Dobrinski, former Board Chair, CoBank; Carmen Huertas-Noble, Professor, City University of New York, School of Law; and Michael Mercer, former CEO, Georgia Credit Union Affiliates. Attend the virtual ceremony to celebrate with us.

The Cooperative Hall of Fame is the primary fundraising event of the Cooperative Development Foundation. Because of your generosity, CDF can make grants, loans and investments that support cooperative development and its infrastructure, strengthen Main Street cooperative businesses and enhance the lives of members and communities.

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