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CDF receives grant from Nationwide

Cooperative Development Foundation Receives Grant from Nationwide Foundation

(Washington, DC) – The Nationwide Foundation in Columbus, OH has awarded a grant of $90,000 to the Cooperative Development Foundation.  It will be used for CDF’s cooperative innovation initiatives and for administration of the United Co-op Appeal, a workplace giving campaign that benefits cooperative development organizations. Part of the grant will also benefit the National Cooperative Business Association’s domestic and international cooperative development activities.

“The Nationwide Foundation’s grant is very important to the development innovation sparked by our funding” said CDF Executive Director Steven Thomas.  “It provides significant operational and program support at a time when it can be most effective.”  Through its family of funds, CDF makes grants and loans for co-op housing and services for seniors in rural areas, student housing co-ops, training and education in many co-op sectors, support of cooperative development organizations, disaster relief and recovery, and cooperative leadership development.

“Nationwide is pleased to support CDF and the important work it does across the country,” said Chad Jester, Vice President of Corporate Involvement for Nationwide and President of the Nationwide Foundation.

Nationwide Foundation is an independent corporation funded by contributions from Nationwide companies.  Founded in 1959, since 2000 it has given more than $190 million to non-profit organizations.  Nationwide, based in Columbus, OH, is one of the largest insurance and financial services organizations in the world.  For more information, visit

The Cooperative Development Foundation is a 65-year-old, 501(c)(3) charity that sparks development innovation by  providing community developers with the hardest money to get- the first dollar in. Find out more at

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