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CDF, NCBA CLUSA and RWJF partnership continues with second grant

The partnership between the Cooperative Development Foundation, NCBA CLUSA and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) continues with a second grant to look at how the cooperative principles of democratic control, commitment to community and education can build community power in low income and marginalized communities.

The grant work includes:

  • A survey of cooperatives to gauge the understanding and interest in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

  • A facilitated peer learning group to catalyze and support cooperatives in strengthening their organizational impact on democratic governance and empowerment; equity, diversity, and inclusion; and financial security and advancement for workers.

  • Six articles and two videos to highlight examples of organizations using the cooperative principles and values to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • A half-day in person meeting to include cohort members and others to discuss the work of the cohort and identify next steps.

CDF and NCBA CLUSA have also conducted three learning calls with RWJF staff to discuss the reach and influence of cooperatives to promote equity; the power building, social, economic and equity impacts of cooperatives; and the use of care giver cooperatives to improve jobs and care for seniors, the disabled and children.

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