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CDF Board Chair Rich Larochelle appointed to FCI Board

CDF Board Chair Rich Larochelle joined the Food Co-op Initiative's (FCI) board of directors in January. A career long cooperator and Hall of Fame member, Larochelle has been active in the development of a food cooperative in his Fredericksburg, VA community since his retirement from the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation.

"Rich is an asset to any board. Thoughtful, strategic and supportive, he's one of those people that makes everyone better because he sees the best in others and is willing to work for causes he believes in. He is passionate about cooperatives and particularly energized about food co-ops," said CDF Executive Director Leslie Mead.

Food Co-op Initiative provides resources to people working to start retail food co-ops in their communities. FCI provided assistance to the Fredericksburg Food Cooperative as it moved from organizing to store construction. The store is slated to open later in 2021. Larochelle and the Fredericksburg Food Cooperative were featured in a recent article in Forbes about USDA designated food deserts and Opportunity Zones.

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