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Celebrating 75 Years of Cooperation

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

CDF is commemorating 75 years of support for cooperatives and cooperators. With a mission to promote and develop cooperatives to improve economic opportunities for all, CDF has had a hand in most of the milestones in cooperative development. The CDF website includes a timeline of CDF's significant accomplishments.

Recognize CDF's 75-years of accomplishments with a donation to the 2019 End of Year Fundraising campaign this November. Your contribution provides continued financial and educational support for start-up and established co-ops, the growth of the cooperative movement, and the development and training of young co-op leaders.

Thanks to generous donations from the cooperative community, this year CDF granted 41 scholarships to the National Homecare Cooperative Conference, 21 scholarships to the Cooperative Leaders and Scholars Institute, 25 scholarships to CCMA, $35,000 in grants to food co-ops, over $100,000 in grants for disaster recovery, and $100,000 in grants to support cooperative education projects.

As an incentive to donate, CDF is offering a gift of Twin Pines socks. Individual donors of $100 or more will receive one pair of Twin Pines dress socks. Cooperatives donating a $1000 or more will receive dress socks for their board of directors.

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