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CDF received extraordinary support in an extraordinary year

Supported by contributions of over $330,000 from more than 450 donors, nearly $400,000 in programmatic grants, and prudently managed legacy funds, CDF continued its support of cooperatives in a challenging year for cooperatives and their members. CDF provided over $1 million in grants in 2020, maintaining a level of grant making similar to recent years.

Highlights from 2020 include:

  • More than $230,000 was donated to cooperatives and institutions to combat the economic and health impacts of COVID-19 including the purchase of personal protective equipment.

  • $105,000 was granted in support of cooperative education projects.

  • Over 30 scholarships were awarded to attend the Cooperative Leaders and Scholars Institute, Up and Coming Conference and CCMA Conference.

  • $22,175 was given for training and education of food cooperative staff and boards.

  • 16 existing and start-up home care co-ops received technical assistance and data informed resources.

  • 18 cooperative events were sponsored.

  • Seven publications on cooperative impact and policy priorities were produced in conjunction with NCBA CLUSA, Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

“It goes without saying that 2020 was a challenging year. CDF was able step up and target its giving where it mattered because of continued support from the cooperative community and strong policies of the CDF board that assured good financial management of CDF legacy funds. It was particularly heartening to see cooperatives and cooperators support the virtual 5K and Hall of Fame in 2020. That support is the key to CDF's ability to provide a hand in the good and not so good times. ” said Leslie Mead, Executive Director, CDF.

To donate to CDF, visit and click “donate.” To sponsor an event, contact Kirstie Boyette, Fundraising and Funds Manager, at

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