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21 Scholarships Awarded to CLSI Participants

Cooperators from Uganda to Burnsville, MN and East Point, GA to Chicago, IL will meet in Washington next month to participate in the 2019 Cooperative Leaders and Scholars Institute (CLSI). 

The 2019 CLSI scholarship recipients are:

Joanna Arellano, Co-op Ed Center, Chicago, IL 

Victoria Clark, Northcountry Foundation, Minneapolis, MN

Samuel Connors, OCDC, Washington, DC

Thalassa Cox, St. Lucha Civil Service Co-op Credit Union, OAS, Washington, DC

Jeanette Cuevas, PACA, Philadelphia, PA

Allan Dickinson Otim, NCBA CLUSA YETA, Uganda

Alexis Dunnum, National Farmers Union Foundation; Westby Co-op CU; UW Credit Union, Washington, DC

Gilbert Engulu, NCBA CLUSA YETA, Uganda

Kent Forde, Health Resources and Services Administration; Harbour Square Housing Cooperative, DC Cooperative Stakeholders Group; Washington, DC

Erik Forman, Independent Drivers Guild, Co-op Café, New York, NY

Ashley Greywitt, Valley Natural Foods Co-op, Burnsville, MN

Sam Gutierrez, South Central Wisconsin Hemp Co-op, Madison, WI

Dana Howarth, Heart is Home Cooperative Care/New Mexico Direct Caregivers Coalition, Albuquerque, NM

Chinyi Lydia Kao, California Center for Cooperative Development, Davis, CA

Iwona Matczuk, ICA Group, Northampton, MA

Emily Nail, Cooperative Council of NC, Raleigh, NC

Lydia Onimo, ICA Group, Northampton, MA

Brenda Rodriguez, John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL

Eboni Thomas, Federation of Southern Cooperatives, East Point, GA

Bronwyn Walls, NASCO, Austin, TX

"As a past participant in an earlier version of the Cooperative Leaders and Scholars Institute, I can personally attest to the powerful experience to which these outstanding emerging leaders can look forward to at the NCBA CLUSA Co-op IMPACT Conference in Washington, DC" said Cathy Statz, CLSI Coordinator. "In addition to meeting leaders across cooperative industries while learning about - and contributing to - creative and strategic solutions and innovations in cooperatives here and abroad, they will build a cross-sectoral cohort that will support and inspire them as they continue on their personal and professional cooperative path."

In addition to an exclusive orientation and networking events, CLSI participants  attend  a management course presented by Saint Mary's University and the 2019 Co-op IMPACT Conference and meet co-op industry and thought leaders, policymakers, and other key stakeholders.

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Shuaib Olajuwon
Shuaib Olajuwon
Sep 12, 2019

what and what did i need for the process

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