The Neighboring Food Co-op Association raises funds for the Howard Bowers Fund with its Neighboring Cooperator Award

The “Neighboring Co-operator Award” acknowledges special contributions made to the Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) and the advancement of our vision by a staff member, director or member of an NFCA Member Co-op or partner organization. As part of the award, the NFCA makes a contribution to the Bowers fund in honor of the recipient and invites other co-ops, organizations and individuals to do so as well. Recipients of the award, launched in 2015, have included Alex Gyori, former General Manager of Brattleboro Food Co-op (VT), Terry Appleby, General Manager of Co-op Food Stores / Hanover Consumer Co-operative Society (NH & VT), and Kay Litten, NFCA Board Member and longtime Board Member of Co-op Food Stores / Hanover Consumer Co-operative Society (NH & VT), and Roger Noonan, President of the New England Farmers Union, and Patrice Lockert Anthony, President of GreenStar Co-op Markets (NY).

To make a tax-deductible donation to the Howard Bowers Fund for Food Co-ops in honor of Patrice and any of our Neighboring Co-operators, please use the "Donate" button below!

At our 8th Annual Meeting in 2019, the NFCA honored Patrice Lockert Anthony (pictured at the left with NFCA President Faye Mack), President of GreenStar Co-op Markets in Ithaca, NY, with the award, acknowledging her contribution to our vision for a more healthy, just, sustainable food system, and more diverse and inclusive co-operatives.

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