As many of you know, our beloved friend and colleague Thomas Bowen passed away on Friday, August 19, 2016, after suffering a sudden and devastating cerebral aneurysm that made any hope of recovery impossible. Because of his otherwise overall good health, Thomas was able to give the gift of new life to several families by donating his organs to patients on waiting lists in the most serious condition.

We know you share in our sorrow, as so many of you counted Thomas a friend, a colleague and a fellow cooperator. But during this time of grieving, it’s important to celebrate the life that Thomas led—full of humor, wit, joy and kindness—and the extraordinary impact he had on everyone he met and interacted with.

To that end, NCBA CLUSA—or #workfamily, as Thomas would have phrased it—is privileged to announce a scholarship fund in his honor to benefit Emerging Co-op Leaders, administered through the Cooperative Development Foundation. Thomas was passionate about nurturing cooperative development. We are proud of his legacy and the relationships he cultivated as Director of Member Relations for NCBA CLUSA.

To donate to the fund in his honor, please use the button below or mail a check to CDF:

Cooperative Development Foundation
1775 Eye St. NW, 8th Floor
Washington, DC 20006