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Multi-stakeholder Home Care Cooperatives: Reflections from the Experience of Québec

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On September 12 – 14th, 2011 an American delegation of cooperative experts visited the province of Québec, Canada to learn first-hand of the region’s extensive experience with using cooperative enterprises to provide home care services to the elderly and disabled residents of the province. The team included team leader and lead consultant Margaret Lund, Margaret Bau, a USDA Cooperative Development Specialist and domestic expert on cooperative home care, and Diane Gasaway, Executive Director of the Northwest Cooperative Development Center…

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Developing and Sustaining Rural Senior Cooperative Housing – Research Report

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As part of the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) goal to explore the benefits of rural senior housing cooperatives for communities and the low-to-moderate-income older people living in them, 28 key informants were surveyed through in-depth telephone interviews.  Those surveyed include bankers, realtors, community leaders, planning committee members, cooperative management staff, and others.  Respondents were associated with efforts that resulted in the construction of co-ops and those that did not.

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Opportunities And Challenges For The Expansion of Worker-Owned Home Care Cooperatives Serving Rural Wisconsin

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In many respects, the opportunities for growth and expansion for a business in the home care market exceed those in almost any other industry.  But enormous challenges remain and a small cooperative will need to forge key alliances and be nimble and brave in order to have the greatest chances of succeeding in this new environment…

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Guidelines and Sample Bylaw Language for Multi-stakeholder Cooperatives

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Bylaws are the owner’s and operator’s manual for any cooperative business.  They are designed to address issues of long-term significance for the cooperative and codify the rules of conduct for the enterprise as well as delineate the rights, responsibilities, and protections offered to members.    At their best, a good set of cooperative bylaws will provide a clear and accessible guidebook to help generations of co-op members understand the nature and objectives of their common endeavor and guide it accordingly in a sound and consistent manner.  For multi-stakeholder cooperatives in particular, the bylaws provide the ideal opportunity to articulate the common mission and purpose held by the co-op’s diverse group of stakeholders and to specifically describe and codify the relationship, rights, and responsibilities of each different membership class.  Model Multistakeholder Coop Bylaws



CDF and MSC Fund leading the way for Senior Initiatives

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Source: May-June issue of USDA’s Rural Cooperatives magazine.  In the article “Co-op Development Action:  USDA co-op funds leveraged to create resident-owned communities.”, on page 29 and 47 is discussion about the MSC Fund, its support for conversions of mobile home parks to cooperatives, and CDF’s March forum on energy efficient cooperative manufactured housing.

Manufactured Housing Toolkit

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The Manufactured Housing Toolkit includes Policy BriefsResource Guides,Sample Local Level Policies and Communications Tools. Policy Briefs are intended to be broadly disseminated and shared with policymakers and allies, while the Resource Guides include legislative analysis, examples of states where certain policies have been adopted, and other detailed information to help advocates in making the case for manufactured housing.

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Manufactured Housing Fact Sheet

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Even in the face of the recent housing crisis, responsible homeownership with the proper financing can provide economic security, stability and a financial legacy for future generations. For many American families, their home is their most important financial asset; and for low-income families, homeownership provides a chance to climb out of poverty.

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Top 10 Truths of Manufactured Housing

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Manufactured housing is an important affordable homeownership solution in the United States. It is, in fact, home to 17 million Americans already. Yet many myths persist about this form of housing. The following are 10 facts to dispel stereotypes and raise awareness of manufactured housing as a high-quality and affordable homeownership option.

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